Hey, I'm Nahu

22 year old Melbourne boy –

Hobbies Include:
– Getting lost in foreign cities (Bitten by the travel bug)
– ‘Accidentally’ sleeping in and missing university lectures
– Skipping rope for long periods at a time and dancing inside a ring
– Enjoying a beer at the beach while playing sport with mates
– Developing a community of like-minded youth making a difference through Mobilise
– Pondering about the universe and reflecting on the world we live in

love thinking bigger about the deeper questions.

3 Years ago, I was involved in a serious accident where I could’ve and should’ve died. 
I vowed that I’d take every opportunity that was presented to me

Realising how precious life is and how quickly it can come and go, I promised myself to continue to step out of my comfort zone –
So I guess that’s how I’ve ended up with a blog.

This attitude has taken me to 32 countries over the past few years, living in 3 different continents (including Australia), the opportunity to compete at the state championship level for my chosen sport and the chance to get involved with the social enterprise charity scene in Melbourne.

I hope to share my experiences and what I’ve learnt throughout all of this on a wide variety of topics including daily reflections, travel stories, the accident that changed my life and what I learnt through my recovery/rehabilitation, growing up without a father as a 2nd-generation migrant in a western culture, my sport and any other topic that comes into mind.

Since the day I was granted that second chance I’ve viewed every day as a blessing and I hope that through reading this it might brighten up your day along the way.

Don’t hesitate to reach out!

I would love to hear from you –

Nahu xx